Hi, I'm Mar.

Atlanta native. Jeopardy fanatic. Trap music enthusiast. Flexatarian. Scrabble champ. Hoarder of books and lettering pens. Target Shopaholic. Beyhive Ambassador. dog & plant mama. lover of all things self care & oprah. god’s child. Student of life. 


When I was a kid, my grandmother taught me to practice cursive writing...

I'd sit and write the alphabet in creative ways for fun. Now years later, I do just that with calligraphy and lettering. In many ways, I’m still that same little girl who loved to doodle and scribble pretty letters on paper. I love writing words that make people feel inspired and good about themselves.

Breathing love into the world, one letter at a time.

You can find me in Atlanta browsing in hobby lobby for more pens to hoard, at Goodwill buying an insane amount of discount books, or at a music festival dancing and singing to the top my lungs.