Pricing + Services

Thank you for your interest in my calligraphy and design services. Adding a handwritten or custom piece to any event or gift makes it all the more special.

Calligraphy art pieces are unique and no two pieces are identical. Below are estimates for projects, but vary based on the materials, size, and amount of lettering. Your final price could be more and less depending on the project.

 Please contact me at and complete the form for inquires about your upcoming occasion.



  • Outer Envelope:

    $3.00 per envelope

  • Inner Envelope:

    $1.50 per envelope

  • Outer and Inner Sets:

    4.00 per set

  • Return Address on back:

    $2.00 per envelope

  • RSVP Envelope:

    $2.00 per envelope

  • Name on Envelope Only:

    $2.00 per envelope

Photo Credit: Elton Anderson Jr. / @eltonandersonjr

Photo Credit: Elton Anderson Jr. / @eltonandersonjr

Event day-of calligraphy

table signage:

  • Placecards: $1.00 per card

    *Includes first and last name

  • Escort Cards: $1.50 per card

    *Includes first name, last name, & table number

  • Table Numbers: $3.00 & up per card

  • Menus: $5.00 & up per card

*Prices vary based on the detail of the card, ink and paper choices.                                                  

Custom Signage

Sign pricing varies based on size, if materials are provided, and the amount of lettering required.

Below are examples of the type of signs I can do:

  • Wood signs

  • Chalkboard signs

  • Acrylic signs

  • Mirror signs & seating charts

  • Chalkboard signs

  • Menu walls & signs