Pricing + Services

Thank you for your interest in my hand lettering services. Pricing is for lettering work only and does not include paper materials or other surfaces. Custom paper craft and designs available upon request. Additional charge for rush orders and shipping.

 Contact me at for quote inquiries and questions.


Envelope Addressing

  • Outer Envelope $3.00 each

  • Inner/Outer Set $4 each

  • Return Address $1.00 each



  • Name Cards (Tent Style or Flat) $1.00 each

  • Escort Cards (Name with Table Number) $2.00 each

  • Table Numbers $3.00 & up

  • Menus $5.00 & up

**Prices vary for custom paper and craft designs.                                                         


Large signages


  • Welcome Signage: $175 & up

  • Seating Charts: $200 & up

**Mirror not included. 

Wood Signs:

  • Welcome Signage $100 & up

**Wood not included. I can provide stained wood for additional charge, depending on size.

Special Projects

Watercolor canvas, custom greeting cards, stationary, you name it. I can create it. 

For miscallaneous calligraphy work, please contact me for custom quote.